Fall Ep. 17

Maybe Jacob and I didn’t need to do anything else to make Miguel jealous, for when I got to my unit—Jacob took me home—a fuming Miguel was waiting there, his face red in anger.


“Tell me—is this a decent time for a woman five months pregnant with twins to go home?” he said loudly, unable to hide his anger. I looked at my wristwatch and I knew he was somehow right—it was close to midnight, and I should have gone to bed a bit earlier. Jacob stepped in between Miguel and me.

“You,” Miguel seethed, pointing his forefinger directly at Jacob’s chest and poking him with it, “are a bad idea to my—”

Miguel stopped, choking on the words. We both didn’t know what we are to each other, and right now, I wanted to laugh at how dumbfounded Miguel is.

And I did.

“Your what, Miguel?” I said when my laughter died down.

He looked at me, livid, and cussed. “Damn it, JJ,” he said, and he pushed past Jacob and left. I frowned. “What did I do?” I asked Jacob, and he shrugged. “Pushed him too far?” he suggested. “I guess he thought you were playing with him.”

I ran as fast as my tummy would allow me to catch up with Miguel, and stopped him just in time when he reached the elevators. He was pressing the down button over and over, as if it would help in speeding up the apparatus. Miguel was also muttering something under his breath, something I noticed he does when he is either under extreme duress, or angry.


He looked up at me, and I kind of went back to the coffee shop, sort of looking into Jacob’s eyes, all hurt and dark. “You go back to Jacob. He’s the one you promised to marry, right?” he said, and the elevator doors opened. I pulled him towards me, and he relented, probably thinking that I’d be in danger if he disagreed with what I wanted to happen.

“I promised him that, yeah, but that was before you insecure schmuck came into my life,” I said, a smile in my voice. “Why do we always go back ten steps when we made so much progress?” I asked aloud. “You spring up Carole on me, and then Jacob comes back. Anymore surprises?”

“I don’t have any other exes aside from Carole,” Miguel admitted, staring deeply into my eyes, “and I don’t think I have any other emotional baggage for that matter.”

I turned my head to Jacob, who was watching me and Miguel and this whole drama. He gave me a small nod, as if telling me to let it all out, and that he’d be here to support me. “As of the time-being, since Jacob and I had talked already, he already gave me the chance to get married again to another person aside from him. I don’t think I still have emotional baggage either, since we had talked about letting each other go and we’re both very much open to that,” I replied slowly.

“Taking it a step at a time?” he asked, and I nodded. “Jacob told me—well, not really—but he somehow made me see why this thing between you and I isn’t working,” I quipped, and he frowned. “I don’t trust you—or at least that’s not what I allow myself to do. You see, when he left after promising a lot of things, I figured I won’t ever trust another man again, and when I allowed it to happen with you and you—”

“I left you,” he whispered, and I nodded. He wasn’t the only man after Jacob who did just so, but I didn’t say anything more. I have buried Damon from my life a long time ago. “And you did because of a previous… pain, too,” I replied. He reached out for my hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I know it would all sound all cliché to both us right now, but can we start over again? For real,” Miguel said. I pulled myself closer to him, raised my head to meet his, and nodded.

“For real.”

He kissed me, and Jacob had to clear his throat to stop us from kissing each other to bits in the hallway.

“Guys, come on!” he said, laughing. “Get a room.”

I released Miguel from the kiss, and he placed his arm over my shoulder as we walked over to Jacob, who still was standing at my doorstep. “Might be a good idea, Miguel, don’t you think?” I teased, and Jacob raised both his hands, as if in defeat. “JJ, I’m warning you: I don’t want to imagine you naked,” he said, and I slapped him playfully on the shoulder.

“Well, by the time Miguel and I are getting a room, you’re scramming,” I said, and he nodded. He kissed me on the forehead, whispered how much he loves me, and then left.

I turned to Miguel, and he dangled his keys in front of me.

“So what do you say about getting a room?” I asked, my voice suddenly husky.

“That a good idea?” he asked, eyeing my bulging tummy. I pinched his nose and he wrinkled his face in response. “Silly, I’m sleeping over, not sleeping with you,” I said, laughing. He looked a bit peeved at the idea, but nodded.

“Well, you are moving in soon with me, aren’t you?” he asked, and I shrugged.

“If the starting-all-over-again-for-the-nth-time turns out to be for real and for the better, why not?” I replied. He sighed, and we headed once more to his place, two floors above me. When we got in front of his place, he handed me the keys, I opened the door. Before I could say a word, Miguel lifted me off the floor. I squealed.

“Still heavy?” I asked, and he just shook his head, my favorite smile on his handsome face.

“No matter how fat you are, I’d still carry you, babe.”

I kissed him fervently on the lips as we found our way to his bedroom.


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