Solace Ep. 53

Gabe: She is not here. My fiancée is not here.

I came with that realization when I had searched every nook and cranny of my apartment and couldn’t find a single trace of Faye.


Okay, she left a couple of traces. One is a note saying where she is, and the other is a framed photo. I smiled when I saw it. She really wants me to feel secure.

But then again, she’s the one who left me here in New York, right?

I sighed. I think I will have to postpone whatever meetings I still have for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Check that: I know I will.

I removed the painting—the one with the emo guy—and placed the photo that Faye had given me next to its predecessor. I then grabbed the phone and asked to have a seat reserved for me in the next flight to Manila.

The one I love needs me, and this love—this someone—is the one who stays, and the one who comes back even when she leaves.

I am holding on to that promise.

Picture from Fanpop.

P.P.S. I am smiling, because this is the shortest Solace episode that I’ve written.


3 thoughts on “Solace Ep. 53

  1. can i just say? i was thinking about this during my lucid moment at work. will gabe be really like this? haha!

    it’s lik we’re creating a very ideal “gabe” eh. hope the real person doesb’t disappoint.

    • well, baka hindi. i just based the character on gabe, but since i haven’t met him, baka hindi naman siya ganito talaga. parang yung Faye. haha. i’m not sure if what i write is the Faye-person that I know :)

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