Solace Ep. 66

Gabe: Faye held onto my hand (very) tightly as we entered their house. We told Selena and Ron to stay in the car, holding solely onto their promise that they will wait for us to call them inside and that they will stay.

Faye glanced at me, breathing deeply, before pushing the door open. We entered, saw her mother watching television at the living room, which she turned off the minute she saw us enter. “Oh,” Larissa said, upon seeing the gloom on Faye’s face. “You found Selena.”

Her daughter nodded slowly, and then said blandly, “At the first house I looked, yes.”

“Where is she?” Larissa asked, looking behind me and Faye. My fiancée shook her head, and she let go of my hand and walked to her mother. “Mom, we have to talk,” she said, and Larissa shook her head repeatedly, mouthing “No” over and over. It actually doesn’t take that huge a genius to figure it out: either Selena’s pregnant and about to get married, or she got involved in an accident and is in a serious-er situation than she is now. And I don’t know if you would call it “fortunate,” but she falls under the former.

“I found her at Ron’s, and they told me about their situation,” Faye said, her words light even when the repercussions mean otherwise. Larissa found the couch and sunk into it, nodding for Faye to continue even when she looked like she wanted to not hear it. “Ma, she’s pregnant. Selena’s pregnant,” I heard Faye whisper.

Larissa’s face fell, but that was only for a split second, for in a jiffy her face was hard, her jaw set. When she looked up at Faye, her eyes were fiery, angry. “Tell her not to set foot in my house again. Tell her she is the biggest disappointment this family ever had,” she said, and I saw Faye’s jaw drop.

“What?” she said, surprised at her mother’s reaction. “What are you saying, Ma? Selena’s not a disappointment. This happening to her does not make her a disappointment.”

“You don’t call getting pregnant at fifteen and out of wedlock not a disappointment?” Larissa snapped. Faye was at a loss for words to say.

“Can’t Selena make mistakes?” I said, and Faye’s head snapped to look up at me. She shook her head, telling me not to involve myself in this matter. I stood my ground, for I saw Faye doesn’t have enough energy to fight through this. “Can’t she make mistakes? It doesn’t make her any less of a person because she’s pregnant. Would it be of your approval instead if she had decided to not keep the baby and have your first ever grandchild aborted? Would you prefer that instead, so that she’d not dismay you and meet your standards?” I reasoned.

Larissa looked at me for a long time, her smugness fading in that span but her jaw was still tense. “No. Of course I’d rather that she keep the baby than make that mistake of killing it,” she said slowly. And then she turned to Faye. “Why didn’t she tell me?” she asked her, and I watched as Faye fought so hard not to smirk.

“Because she knew you’d react this way?” Faye guessed. “You and Selena don’t exactly see each other eye to eye always,” she said, and Larissa breathed deeply. “Can you call them inside?” she said, her eyes on me. I shrugged and walked outside, and I found the very young couple leaning against the hood of my car. Her shoulders were hunched, and Ron placed his arm over her shoulders. He leaned over and whispered something in her ear, and when she looked at him, her eyes were glistening—and it wasn’t from the tears. It was as if no matter how sad she was at her current situation, it was okay for her, so long as she is with Ron. Ron looked back at her in the same wishy washy way, supporting her, his eyes adoring her.

I somehow felt it and saw it—the power and intensity of their love, even if they’re this young.

They’re one of the few people who have found the love of their lives at a very young age.

I walked over to them and said to Selena, “Your mom wants you.” Her eyes flashed with fear, and I gave her a comforting smile. “She’d probably be mad at you for ten good seconds, and then it’ll pass. It’ll be alright,” I told her, and Ron gave her a kiss on the forehead. “We’ll get through this,” he said, and he held her hand as they set off to the house. I pulled Ron back.

“Give them time for the woman drama,” I said, and he glanced at Selena, eyes questioning. Selena nodded, giving him a small that I knew was meant to convince him that she’ll be okay. She gingerly left Ron and me, and I turned to the kid.

“Scared?” I asked him, and he nodded. “I really don’t know what to do with this. I was lucky enough that Ma and Pa didn’t chuck me out when I told them. They made me promise a bunch of stuff though,” Ron replied, and I frowned. “Like what?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Work harder and finish school even if I already have a family to look after,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “I love Selena, you know that? I just wish this happened to us later in the relationship, when we can just live our lives without considering other people.”

I shook my head. “Hey, Faye and I are of age—I’m 42 and she’s 32—and even at this age, we’re still considering other people. You can’t get out of it,” I told him. “Look, man up. I know it’s too much to ask from a fifteen-year-old, but I guess you’ve just realized the hard way that our actions do have consequences?”

He nodded. “Hardest way, maybe,” Ron said, and I patted him on the back.

“Faye and I are here for both of you,” I said, and he thanked me. We fell silent, and after ten long minutes, a Faye with a tear-stained face armed with a happy smile was waving me and Ron in. I pushed Ron gently to the house, and Faye wrapped her arms around my waist as we followed him.

“All good?” I asked, and she nodded. “At least as of now. We still have to figure out how Selena’s going to be, since her school’s Catholic and all and they’d probably ask her to stop studying because of this, and how the financial arrangements will be, but it’s all good,” she replied, and I kissed her on the hair.

“We’re next,” Faye said, and I frowned.

“Next what?”

“Next to tell them something big.”

I smiled and nodded. “Just tell me when. I’ll call Mom and Pop,” I said. We found Ron and Larissa in a serious conversation, with Selena seated next to Ron. Faye tugged at my hand to make me look at her. I raised an eyebrow, waiting for what she has to say.

“Thanks. Again. You always seem to save me when I need that.”

I flashed her a grin and whispered, “Always. I’ll be here always.”

“I’ll be here for you, too. All the time,” she said, and I hugged her. I felt my cell phone vibrating in my pocket for the nth time today, and I wonder how much more ignoring my boss could handle.

I have to go back to the States real soon.


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