She said, He said

SHE SAID: I saw him the other day. With another girl. They were talking as they walked, McDonald’s take outs in their arms, laughing at each other’s stories. His eyes twinkled when he looked at her, and I wanted to fume. But then again, I wasn’t anyone in his life.

I am just someone who is trying to get his attention, someone who hopes he’d get to notice.

But if he’s happy with another woman, I’ll let him be.

I don’t have a right to care or be hurt anyway.

HE SAID: I saw her the other day. While I was talking to one of my officemates who could double as my sister, blood ties or not. We came from McDonald’s where I saw her too, and I bought the exact same thing she ordered: Chicken Nuggets with sweet and sour  sauce, Sprite, regular fries, and a hot fudge sundae. I was in line behind her, three or four persons away, but she didn’t notice me because she seemed distracted.

I wonder why, and I wonder when I can gather up the courage to approach her and tell her that ever since the day I saw her at the lobby of the office building, I look forward to lunch breaks. The first time I saw her, she had a pensive look on her face as she waited for her officemates as they withdraw money from their ATMs, her forehead crumpled in a slight frown, her big, round eyes filled with conflicting emotions. I didn’t know if it was her soulful eyes that captivated me, but I like her. I found myself craning my head every time a tall woman with shoulder-length hair would pass by.

That other day, she looked pained. I want to know why, so that I can keep that pain from hurting her again.


20 thoughts on “She said, He said

    • nye. eh hulaan mo naman kung sino ang basis nito. :| i want to move on. as in really move on. why do i have a tendency to stare and to be obsessed with someone i don’t know?! :(

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