She Said, He Said

SHE SAID: I officially declare that he won’t ever give me the light of day.

In that case, I might make a move so that he’d notice me.

Or maybe, I won’t.

I saw him again with that same girl he was with before. It was lunch and it looked like they were going to buy food. And I couldn’t stop myself. I need to talk to him, right here, right now.

HE SAID: She was storming at me and my officemate-slash-sister like she’s about to rage war.

“Hi. Excuse me,” she said, and my officemate and I turned to look at her. I was mostly surprised by this, so I was merely stumped. She turned her attention to me, her eyes ablaze. “You said we’re going to have lunch. Can we go ahead?” she said, and I gaped at her.

My friend looked at me, a wide grin on her face. She knew who my biggest crush is. “I thought you said she doesn’t know you? And here we are, devising ways as to how we’d talk to her. You didn’t tell me that you already asked her out,” she said, and I still couldn’t say anything. My friend winked at me, gave a curt nod to the other woman, who was just as stumped as I was, and left me with her.


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