PARAMORE absolutely rocked my world last night.

  • If I were a guy, I’d do anything to get Hayley Williams (@yelyahwilliams) to marry me. She’s absolutely gorgeous (in the words of the guy standing behind me: SHE’S SO FUCKING PRETTY!) and her energy was so infectious that I didn’t mind getting all that crowded by guys (and gays).
  • Yeah, maybe Josh Farro wasn’t there (best wishes to your wedding), but Justin York, Taylor York’s older bro, was absolutely cute. And he rocks the guitar like mean. :)
  • It was well worth the wait—I stayed in line for two hours, and then stood up until the end of the concert (for a grand total of five and a half hours). Quota na ako sa pagtayo, okay?
  • I loved Where the Lines Overlap, The Only Exception, Let the Flames Begin, Never Let this Go, That’s What You Get, For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic, Misery Business and Pressure. [I mentioned nearly three-fourths of their playlist, haha]. Too bad they didn’t sing My Heart. Or All I Wanted. Or Turn it Off, but I can’t have it either way—THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS EVER.
  • I loved it when Jeremy did the flip thingie in the air :)
  • Thanks to Ron and War for being there and keeping me company. :)
  • To the guy who was in front of me last night: I REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID EARLIER, AND THIS IS FOR YOU—SCREW YOU and YOUR GIRLFRIEND. And did anybody ever tell you? It kind of seems severely impolite to smoke when you are jampacked. Second-hand smoking kills more, okay?



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