No One Will Ever Get Hurt Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Our Love was in the Hall

Our love was in the hall, all packed in boxes. And I saw what I had done to you. I was wrong.

“Seriously,” Casey said, rolling her eyes at the song playing on her iPod. Very apropos. Her things were already in the hall, ready for pickup, and she was just finishing when the door to the bedroom opened. Richard was there, baffled at the scene of Casey packing.

That just enraged Casey even more.

“What were the boxes doing in the hall?”

Casey popped the earphones from her ears and frowned. “I’m leaving,” she said simply.


“You think after what you did, everything’s just gonna be fine? That I’ll come home and we’re okay like nothing happened? Like you didn’t leave me when we were supposed to wed, Richard?” Casey said, her voice filled with anger. “Wow, Rich, you think I’m that pathetic?”


“You were all I have, Richard. I don’t have family. It’s just you. But with you it’s like—I can only take being left alone over and over a bunch of times. You promise to come back and I wait, but… Richard, damn it. You left me one more time. And that was the last straw. You just left me a tad too many times, and—You didn’t see how those people looked at me. I knew those looks of pity, especially after my parents died. I was alone. And then I met you and things changed but—”

“I was scared, Casey—”

I was scared too, Rich!” she shouted, frustrated. Angry tears sprang into her eyes. “And I still am. Especially when…” she stopped, wiping her tears with the back of her palm. “I’m tired of you changing your mind. I’m tired of you leaving me. I’m tired of waiting for you. I am tired of being the only thing constant in your life,” she said, and she took the bag on the bed and started to leave. Richard knelt in front of her, tugging at her hand.

“I’m sorry, Case. I was… I’m a douchebag. Officially. And you were the only one who understood me all these three years we’re together. You’re the only one who ever understood me and knew me and loved me despite and in spite of everything. And I love you. So much. Don’t leave me,” he pleaded, tears flowing from his eyes.

“Sorry, I’m done. I’m done with you,” she said, removing his grip on her hand. Right when she was already at the door, she took something from her bag—an envelope—and she threw it at Richard, who caught it squarely in his hands.

“I was supposed to give you that on our first night as husband and wife. But then you screwed things up. And now it’s over,” she said. She turned at her heel and slammed the door shut behind her.

Richard looked at the envelope, his hands shaking. The words To Richard: My life, my love, my husband were written on it, and his heart broke. But what was inside the envelope just killed him.

The small apparatus landed on his palm. He flipped it over, felt like cold water was doused over him when he realized what it was and what it meant, and stood up and ran after Casey.

But he couldn’t find her anymore—not at the elevators, not at the lobby, not at the driveway.

Casey just left him.

And she took his baby with her too.


Author’s note: For those of you who follow me over at Twitter and Facebook, you should know who inspired this story. So thanks to him and the other “him” too.

You may download the PDF here :)


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