Cheers, 2010 :)

The year 2010 has been, for a lack of a better word, momentous and eventful for me. I remember when 2009 ended, I said to myself (and to a bunch of other people): Taon ko ang 2010. I meant that 2010 is my year to fall in love. Unfortunately, what 2010 gave me was the opposite of falling in love—it gave me a love that was lost that I found and then lost it again (ergo, a heartbreak, and a major one at that).

But 2010 has given more than enough things—and people—to be thankful for. So who cares if a jerk broke my heart again after seven years (well, I do, but that’s another story) if there were so many things that made life so good in 2010?

So here’s the list of why 2010 rocked my world—heartbreak or not:

  • I finished many projects for work in 2010—some of them on my own. (And hey, I found out I can survive 36 hours without sleep. The bad news is, my sleeping habits are totally screwed up already). Thanks Ayah for sticking out and sticking up for me all these time. Best buddy ever :)
  • After 10 years, I saw the beach again… TWICE!
  • Traveled so much this year: Anawangin, Subic, Anvaya and (though I never got to explore it because of work) Cebu.
  • Did tree-planting (okay, barely) in Antipolo. At least I got to hike :)

  • Participated in a run for wellness. Ran—more like walked and talked—three kilometers with Ayah. Hey, at least we organized it pretty well.
  • I got promoted to RE, and at the end of the year, I got nominated for WOW awards. Not so bad :)
  • My brother is in college, plus he has a blooming, active social life.
  • Family business is doing okay
  • Bought gadgets this year: laptop, iPod Touch, and HTC Desire. No more gadgets for me next year, lol :)

  • Invested on a number of books (I lost count, actually) and was able to read more than that. Books, FTW :) [Thanks Pau for giving me a list as well of some must-read books, and for lending me Sea by Heidi Kling—this is a fabulous read, by the way]
  • Watched twenty movies (twenty-one if you count Step Up 3D twice, coz I watched it two times) in the cinema—which is a far cry from the less than ten movies I watched in cinemas in 2009. Cheers to the not-so-movie-buff in me, and to my movie buddies, my officemates (Ayah, Nenz, Aimee, etc.) and my gorgeous cousin, Nikki :)
  • Watched Paramore—well, when they were still five, but Josh wasn’t there and I probably won’t ever see him perform with Paramore ever again since he left the group—LIVE :)
  • Discovered so many artists and bands this year. Hello to Stars, A Fine Frenzy, Sleeperstar, and a bunch of others. Favorites? Too many to mention. :)
  • Met new friends, especially Justin Flores and Crys Velasco, and got closer to the ones I already have :)
  • Despite having difficulties (a.k.a. lack of time and writer’s block), I managed to release six (6) stories this year, namely: Gravity, No One Will Ever Get Hurt, Confessions of a Basketball Addict, Sunset, Uh-huh (if you’re not sure if you read this, it’s okay—it’s not released here in the website. You can leave a comment if you want me to email this story to you) and Solace. Was able to release one poem too: Remember. For 2011, as I’ve told Nenz, I’ll finish all the rest of the stories promised in 2010 (All I Wanted, My Ball Game II, Lie, Cut, among others). Thanks to all my readers, old and new, who stuck by me through this fantastic year.
  • Had a major heartbreak, but he’s just the wrong guy altogether. (I won’t expound on this anymore. Haha
  • On a totally not connected to me but I’m still thankful for route because I am still a Filipino — Cheers to the Azkals for reaching the semis of the AFF Suzuki Cup (yey) and to the first Philippine team to win the Amazing Race Asia, Richard Herrera and Richard Hardin. Plus, to the Blue Eagle fan in me: Congrats for the three-peat, Blue Eagles :)

So thanks, 2010. Even though love-life wise, I can’t wait for you to be over, you still made such an impact on my life this year. 2011, please, can you give me a love life? Just kidding (but then again, jokes are half-meant) :)

Happy new year, everyone :)


Kessica :)


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