New Story: Mamihlapinatapais

Hey everyone,

Yey, new story! :) I wish I could do this — release a story monthly if there’s no ongoing story. Anyway, to see what Mamihlapinatapais (sige nga, sige nga — say it with me?) is all about, read on:

Keala and Ian: neither one is a stranger to the other. The stares they shared, the stolen glances—no one knew something would happen. But someone decided to start something. Was it worth the risk?

The chapter list is here:

PDF download is at the end of chapter 6. PDF download will also reveal who the story is dedicated to (although it is also written at the end of chapter 6).

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you guys think :)





P.S. I saw the term mamihlapinatapais over the tumblr of a schoolmate, Rachel. Thanks for the inspiration :)



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