Bruno Mars Love :)

Last Friday, April 8, I had my first concert of the year. Well, I have a quota of one concert per year, so that basically means it’s the only concert I’m gonna watch this year (hey, I planned to watch The Script, but then again… I’ve got Singapore). Though we were late in arriving, I wouldn’t say our place at general admission was the worst seats in the house. It wasn’t. Especially when you can dance, jump, and groove there.

The view from the top

I was with my officemates and friends, Nenz, Ayah, and Rudy, and then at the last minute… my dear cousin Nikki. She’s super last minute — tipong two hours before the concert lang. Haha.

Ate Nikki, me, Nenz, and Ayah

So… Juris kicked off the show, and then Michael Copon of Power Rangers and One Tree Hill fame (hey, I loved Felix when he was wooing Brooke, save for his real intentions) followed it up with some… songs.


Michael Copon. Don’t you just wish he took off some more of his clothes? LOL. :) Proudly Pinoy siya, in fairness. I think he even made a video!

And then Bruno Mars came out. And he made an entrance. He was playing the drums (despite losing one of his drumsticks, he recovered fairly quickly). And then…

The whole point of the concert is that you just get lost in Bruno Mars, his angelic voice that you wish would sing you to sleep each night, and his… smile. Megawatt. Pang-Close Up. Ay no. Pang-Colgate. Upscale like that.

And did I say he plays mean guitar too? And he dances. Damn. Siya na ang talented. Haha.

My favorite performance of the night? That would be hard, but I loved his Grenade, Our First Time, Michael Jackson medley, Nothin’ on You, Runaway Baby (where he and the rest–except the drummer, of course–was dancing), Just the Way You Are, Marry Me and Lazy Song. Basically everything. He’s so good that when I close my eyes, I wasn’t sure if I was listening to the recording.

I would definitely watch again when (and if) he comes back.

I just wish he sang Talking to the Moon, though.



P.S. Photo credits to Alyanah Carreon :)


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