Arms and more… (meaning a new story)

I haven’t done a #postaweek post in a very long while, which sort of defeated the purpose of joining that challenge. I am an epic fail in doing weekly blog posts *deep sigh*.

Anyway, continuing my love for Christina Perri, I am starting to love a couple of her new songs off her lovestrong album: Arms and Penguin. Of course, there is Bang Bang Bang and Jar of Hearts (which had a separate blog on its own) which I super love even way before the album was released. For the video of Arms, please see below:

I loved the lines: You put your arms around me and I believe it’s easier for you to let me go / I hope that you see right through my walls / I hope that you catch me coz I’m already falling / I’ll never let our love get so close / You put your arms around me and I’m home ♥

Such a sweet, sweet song :)

I have to do another entry on Penguin, but maybe when she comes out with an official video of it. Haha.

Anyway, somewhere between heading home and watching Mara Clara (I am screwing up my timelines, thank you), I decided to release one more story. Tease. I think I won’t do any effort in promoting this. I just want to get it out there just so it can move on already. I started this story back in 2009. Yes. Two years and it still isn’t done! Well, it’s mighty long, so…

Just check back on this blog to see updates. :)





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