Oh the things you find in your Friendster.

While writing Tease (yes, because I am making that epic Chapter 10 for Track #12, and it’s taking longer than necessary), I had to crosscheck some things and needed to log in on my Friendster account, an activity that I haven’t done in a long while save for exporting my profile due to Friendster’s “closure.”

And then I decided to check on my testimonials (UPDATE: Yes, I did take some screenshots of some testimonials. And yes, I managed to cry over some of them only because they made me wonder what the hell happened). And I came across one of my posts from January 1, 2009 (not so long ago). It’s a poem, with the title Yes: 

I stared at the screen,
Blank and thoughtful at the same time,
Wondering if it’ll be yes or no.

Nth time I’ll be doing this,
And it’s getting to be a hobby,
Becoming old news.
How many times more of this?

You used to be life
And now you’re nothing but plainly pain.
Death, even.

You used to be hope
And now you’re sadness.

You used to be love
And now you’re numbness.

You’re five minutes of fun now
When you used to be everything.

It used to be sweet and everything I had wanted—
Hoped for—
But now I wish you never came.

You never happened.

The answer is yes.


Nope. Don’t ask me who I wrote it for, because I swear, I couldn’t remember. I can pose a few guesses, but that’s about it. And then I realized… the friendships I lost. *shakes head*

I won’t start on that one.


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