My Life in TV Shows: Once Upon a Time S01E10

I am a TV show fanatic, and I keep track of so many TV shows that sometimes I just watch the others when the season has ended. This week has been WAY better than I had expected—despite the lack of The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, and Bones to keep my Friday and the rest of the weekend sane. So I used it to catch up on some episodes, and I did shed some tears here and there.

Let’s kick it off with OUAT, and this week’s episode title is 7:15AM.

First off, can I gush at how adorable Ginnifer Goodwin is and how (aptly enough) charming Josh Dallas is? They’re PERFECT creatures. Let’s take a moment to swoon over these two while they play Snow White/Mary Margarett and Prince Charming/David Nolan. PERFECT.

Okay, gushing done?

This has got to be one of my most favorite OUAT episode of all time.

Let’s dig in.

MM rushes to school, er, Granny’s, because it’s 7:15AM and she has to get her coffee. No, really, she has to see David. Apparently, that’s the only time of the day she gets to legally see him (but she knows his daily habits too).

Emma, being the sheriff that she is, catches MM.

MM: I just like to… come here to see him

EMMA: So… you’re a stalker?

MM: No, not really. [Emma gives her a seriously? look] Maybe a little bit. It’s not like I’m following him. 

MM: Love’s the worst. I wish there was a magic cure. 

Yes, MM. I wish there was.

In the Fairytale world, Snow wants a cure for her love for James since he’s off to marry Abigail. The solution? We have the lovely Red Riding Hood tell her to go to Rumple* (let’s settle for this spelling since I couldn’t write his name without doing a spell check). Am I the only one who’s scared at how devious and maniacal Rumple is?

Somebody PLEASE provide him with dental care.

RUMPLE: You really are the fairest of them all, aren’t you. What can I do for you?

SNOW: I need a cure.

RUMPLE: What ails you?

SNOW: A broken heart?

RUMPLE: Ah. The most painful of afflictions.

Then again, even if he’s THAT scary, he makes sense. Like what he says below:

RUMPLE: Love makes us sick. Haunts our dreams. Destroys our day. Love has killed more than any disease.

So he gives Snow this vial of liquid that will make her forget–as in literally forget and don’t know who James is–in exchange for a lock of her hair. I wonder if he is going to use that to make voodoo dolls and control Snow sometime in the future.

In Storybrooke, MM goes shopping–and yes, I, too, would get a giant bar of chocolate if I were depressed and heartbroken. And then she bumps into Katherine, David’s wife, and chaos ensued. (Just kidding) Upon picking up their things, she managed to see that part of Katherine’s grocery list is an old-looking pregnancy test kit, and my heart broke for her. Tsk, tsk.

Meanwhile, back in Fairyland, the King (whom I really can’t see as the King but as Nate Archibald’s dad in Gossip Girl), is talking to James, telling him that he wants James’ heart, and that he knows that his heart doesn’t belong to Abigail. He tells him to forget her–honestly, I wouldn’t forget someone as gorgeous as Snow–and James wouldn’t agree. “Do whatever it takes to get that woman out of your head, because nothing is going to stop this wedding.

Of course Prince Charming does the opposite, and writes this kickass letter to Snow:

In Storybrooke, MM does what every heartbroken person does (not): take a walk in the forest and find an injured pigeon (I like the continuity aspect of this, the bird that Prince Charming has sent and the bird that MM finds in real life). She takes it to the only animal shelter (and vet) in town, where, incidentally, our lovely David Nolan works.

Vet tells MM the bird she found has a monogamous bond to her flock, and if the bird doesn’t find her flock, it’ll be alone and unhappy forever.

Don’t you just love how MM cares for the animal? I’m pretty sure she’d do anything stupid because of the pain, so she goes out and looks for the pigeon’s flock, despite David’s warning of a storm coming in.

Meanwhile, despite my dislike for any plotlines this episode that doesn’t involve Prince Charming and Snow White, we do have Emma, the mystery stranger, and the Evil Queen, er, Mayor to deal with. I do love Emma’s line: If you’re looking to blame me for the storm, I think you’re taking things a bit far now. Mayor is asking her to look into the stranger, both in her capacity as the Sheriff and as Henry’s real mom. The last part was the one that hooked her into doing the job.

In Storybrooke, Snow gets the letter, where James asked her to go to him so they could be together. Of course, our lovely Snow goes, and, sneaky as she is, got past the guards by telling them she is delivering flowers for James from King Midas’s kingdom. She was so close to talking to James, until she was captured.

In the cell, she meets Grumpy, whom I have taken a liking to. But isn’t he a bit too tall for a dwarf? (Sorry if that sounds a bit insulting). Aside from telling her that there isn’t a way out, he ends up telling her his love story, which was equally heartbreaking. He fell in love with someone who was beautiful as a fairy (wanna bet on how she is actually a real fairy?), how he lost her and how he tried to get her back by working at a diamond mine. He was swindled into taking a stolen rock and that’s how he managed in prison.

And then Stealthy, who isn’t stealthy and devious enough but was helpful up to some point, managed to Grumpy out. And with the sweetest good luck to Grumpy that melted his heart, Grumpy let her out too.

In Storybrooke, with her attempts to ‘save’ the pigeon and find her flock, MM falls over the edge of the cliff (literally a cliffhanger), and guess who comes to save her? The Mayor.

Nope, just kidding. Of course, her savior is David, who apparently followed her just to make sure she was safe. Then again, the storm fell, and they conveniently found a house where they could stay and where they could let the storm pass. And that was when they have a moment:

DAVID: What’s going on with you today?

MM: What’s going on? What’s going on is that I still have feelings for you.

DAVID: What?

MM: Why do you think I go to Granny’s every morning at 7:15? It’s to see you. I don’t know why because it just makes me miserable, because every time I see you it just reminds me that you chose Katherine instead of me. And that’s why I didn’t want you to come into the woods with me. Because being around you is too… It’s too painful.

DAVID: [smirks]

MM: You think this is funny?

DAVID: No. It’s just… the reason I go to Granny’s at 7:15… is to see you.

And he does that quirky little smile that I just want to capture in a bottle.

I was already crying at this scene for some strange reason, and while I do admit that I wanted them to kiss, I was one with MM when she pulled away. She broke the news that Katherine thinks she’s pregnant, and boy, oh, boy, I was hoping David would say that if ever she was, it wasn’t his because they haven’t done the deed yet (again).

I can be hopeful, right? But that would make things so much more complicated than it actually is, so I’m fine when David admits that he wasn’t aware that they were ‘trying’ to have a baby. And MM, not wanting to talk about this further, realizes the rain has stopped. She grabs the pigeon and they find the flock, and she sets the bird free.

Okay, my heart broke again at this part: when David took MM’s hand, and she removed her hand, saying… “David, it’s too painful.”

I feel you, MM, I feel you.

And then David tries to convince MM into exploring their feelings for each other. Now, now… this is the part where I don’t love him. You can’t have both, MM said, when David said he has memories of feelings of Katherine and real feelings for MM. MM says, “We’re just going to have to forget each other,” and does the right thing (in my book): walk away.

Somewhere in Storybrooke, Emma goes in to talk to mystery stranger. I loved him at this part:

EMMA: We need to talk.


EMMA: Because… you’re suspicious.

MYSTERY STRANGER: Sitting here. Out in the open. Drinking coffee. Wonder what kind of hell I could’ve raised had I ordered a donut. 

I am officially declaring my love for him.

Emma did manage to find out what’s in the mysterious box (in exchange for a drink with Mystery Stranger). *drumroll* A TYPEWRITER.

So our Mystery Stranger is a writer, and that Storybrooke is a place that provides inspiration (get me there now, I need inspiration for my stories). And then he leaves, without claiming the drink that Emma agreed to.

I am shipping these two (while I miss Graham).

In the meantime in Fairytale land, Grumpy, Stealthy and Snow part ways, with Grumpy following Stealthy which was a bad decision. They eventually got caught, with Stealthy dying, and Snow, being a good girl that she is, saved Grumpy, in exchange for her freedom. I did like it how Grumpy didn’t give Snow up. That’s some loyalty for someone whom you just met.

Now, giving up her freedom landed her into a conversation with Nate Archibald’s dad, er, the King.

Love is a disease, and like all diseases it can be vanquished in one of two ways: a cure or death. 

Nice words, King. Nice words.

He threatens her that if she doesn’t break his heart and let him go, he would kill James. I get his logic: “Killing you (Snow) will only make him love you more.”

So we’re in for the most heartbreaking scene in the episode (as if we haven’t had many of those in this episode): Snow White tells James that she doesn’t love him.

Let’s take a moment here, as to how good Ginnifer Goodwin was so good in this scene. She was stopping her tears from falling even though we know that her character’s heart is breaking inside.

She hands him back the letter he wrote and leaves.

In the forest she finds herself in the company of Grumpy and the other dwarfs.

GRUMPY: You okay, sister?

SNOW: Not even close.

GRUMPY: You didn’t find him?

SNOW: Worse. I lost him.

GRUMPY: Come on.

SNOW: Where are you taking me?

GRUMPY: Home. We all lost someone today.

RANDOM DWARF: Now we’re seven.

GRUMPY: I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, so you’re coming with us, Snow, and we’ll protect you.

SNOW: The only thing that needed protecting is destroyed. My heart.

GRUMPY: It will get better.

SNOW: Yes. Yes, it will. [Takes out bottle from Rumple] This will take all of my feelings, all of my pain, and destroy it.


SNOW: But why? You of all people should understand. You’ve lost love. This pain can be erased.

GRUMPY: I don’t want my pain erased. As wretched as it is, I need my pain. It makes me who I am. It makes me grumpy. Look around, Snow, you’re not alone anymore. I promise you, that’s all the cure that you need. If the pain is too much, you can always drink it, but for today, put it away. 

I want to hug both Grumpy and Snow.

In Storybrooke, David and Katherine have that heart-to-heart talk. She admits that she thought she was pregnant, but she was thankful that she isn’t, because she feels that they aren’t ready yet. She said she wants to fix ‘them,’ and David admits that that‘s what he wants as well. They agreed to see Dr. Hopper. David admits he wants to make this work, while Katherine notices it’s 7:10AM. David, probably remembering what MM said, told her they can have breakfast first before they leave, thus, skipping the 7:15AM morning routine at Granny’s.

On the other side of Storybrooke, MM was watching the time, 7:15AM drawing near. She was at the table, across Emma, eating breakfast. Apparently she made the choice too that she wouldn’t continue with the 7:15AM routine. (I shake my head at this, but it’s the proper thing to do.)

In Fairytale land, which I assumed was the next day, Prince Charming was looking for Snow White and finds Red Riding Hood, who tells him that Snow never came back after she went to the castle. Apparently our Prince ran away from Abigail and the wedding, because he really loves Snow.

[I love it when Prince says he will always find Snow. Damn.]

And then we cue in Grumpy, who was running into the cottage, looking for Snow, about to break the news that James left Abigail and he is probably looking for her already. The innocence with which Snow asked Grumpy: Who? just made me weak. She took the liquid. She probably was hurting so much. :(

AND WE’RE HERE, AT THE BEST ENDING EVER!!!! [Yes, it had to be like that]

It’s 7:45AM and MM’s at Granny’s, getting her coffee. The door chimed, signalling a customer, and ‘lo and behold… David was at the door.

Yes, I’d do what he did. I’d run off. I’d be bewildered.

MM ran after him:

MM: What are you doing?

DAVID: It’s 7:45.

MM: I know.

DAVID: I’m trying not to see you.

MM: Well, I’m trying not to see YOU.

DAVID: Well, how do we stop seeing each other?

MM: Apparently we can’t.

DAVID: This is a problem.

MM: Yes.

DAVID: She’s not pregnant. 

I could feel MM. I have never been this happy to hear the words Not pregnant in my entire life.

And while I do know that this is wrong, I’m shipping MM and David so hard I don’t care.

The good thing about this is: FINALLY THEY KISSED.

The bad thing?

Why kiss outside? Where Regina could see you?

So there.

A few thoughts:

  • I wonder what would happen to Emma and the writer.
  • And what did Red Riding Hood do? Snow White did say she was there for Red Riding Hood when no one else was.
  • I am scared as to what Regina is capable of doing to David and MM.

There, my folks, is my first attempt at recapping. I’ll try to keep this up (I have a Happiness Project resolution to blog more often). Looking forward to next week! :)

NOTE: No copyright infringement intended. Snapshots from the episode are ‘owned’ by ABC Studios. :)


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