Little Things #34

On Twitter:

@H______S____: So… my girl @k_____t__ cried while watching Crazy Stupid Love. #thisiswhyiloveher

@k_____t__: @H______S____ Stop dissing, or I will spill that you cried while watching Captain America. #oops #thisiswhyilovehim

@H______S____: @k_____t__ Shhh. I might make you watch Hachiko… just to see you bawl.

@k_____t__: @H______S____ YOU WOULDN’T. *runs back into the room, grabs tissue*

@H______S____: @k_____t__ *grabs Hachiko DVD* *puts it into the player* *eats the popcorn alone coz you’re busy crying*

@k_____t__: @H______S____ *leans into your shoulder* *blows nose on the sleeve of your shirt* #overshare

@H______S____: @k_____t__ you are awesome. I love you. #morethanthis

@k_____t__: @H______S____ I love you too. (This is our cue to leave Twitter now, because we’re making our followers barf) *logs out*

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