With Little Things that… don’t Lie?

[Please do forgive my failure of an attempt for a title.]

If you’re reading my latest offering, Little Things, then you’d know that I just use letters to identify my characters (save for Lil, I think). The letters are codes for the real person’s name (since it is—weirdly so—a fanfiction where I am not too comfy revealing who I’m writing the fanfiction about… so does that negate somehow that it is a fanfiction? Psssht, technicalities), and I think I reached the point where it’s getting harder not to mention the person’s full name (such in the case of Twitter conversations, like in the case of #59, going up in a few days).

So to solve that ‘problem,’ I’m going to put out their full names out in the open. Still not the ‘real names’ from whom the characters are based, but you get the picture. For example, H is actually Hayden Smith (and yes, the person I based him on also has the initials HS). I’d probably stick to still using the initials, but for relevant chapters (e.g., with articles and Twitter conversations and emails), full names will be used :)

And then there’s this unfinished business called Lie. I know, I know… I was supposed to finish that. And I am going to. :) So you guys better start reviewing the story, as the last few chapters are finally seeing the light. (Chapter 18’s done! First half of Chapter 19 is also on the way…). Don’t worry—I will be posting a recap of Lie before I post the remaining chapters, to help with your recall :)

Thanks again for all the support. Hope I can produce more stories that will keep you visiting this site :)

.xx, Kessica

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