The Real Score: Out now at Amazon Kindle Store

I know, I know–I’ve been absent for so long! I miss blogging (or badgering you with my ramblings, whichever way you want to call it, haha). As stated in previous posts, I’ve been working on getting published (traditionally, digitally, or whatever).

And guess what?


I legit did it. :)

You can get my novella, the first (hopefully) of the Gezellig series, The Real Score at Amazon Kindle Store. I’m still working on the Smashwords edition, and later on there’ll be a paperback (doing pre-orders for this soon, yay!).

In the meantime, hope you can grab a copy of the story I’ve been working since January.

BONUS: If you’re like me who likes playlists, then check out the The Real Score playlist on 8tracks. Because music + books are fun.


.xx, Kessica (Well, I think I’d have to start signing this as Kesh from now on, HAHA)

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