Hello, links – The Real Score & #romanceclass edition


So much has happened the past few weeks since The Real Score got out, but I guess I could sum it up in links?

  1. You can now pre-order for the paperback copy of The Real Score, and this offer is good until September 15 (for now). Pre-order at my Google Form here, and I’ll get back to you on the price, payment, and shipment details. Price somewhere between P250 to P350, because of multiple reasons: (a) it’s printed out in batches, (b) by an independent printer, and (c) it’s all DIY!
  2. It’s also available on Smashwords! Click here to get it there.
  3. Still in Amazon, you’re not kicking me out there. Haha. Get it here if you have a Kindle or a Kindle app on your lovely smartphones and tablets.
  4. Now, it wasn’t a secret that this book couldn’t have gone out there in the interwebs without #romanceclass, so let’s give my classmates and mentor some love, will you? If you were at Aklatan, our ebooks were sold there in a bundle for a very low and affordable price of P200. Yes, you’re getting five (5) ebooks (Vintage Love, All’s Fair in Blog and War, Cover (Story) Girl, Save the Cake, and The Real Score) for just P200. OFFER IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, so please do try and support us budding writers. (Naks). Order here. This link will also allow you to order Mina V. Esguerra’s Interim Goddess of Love bundle, so go get it too!
  5. I HAVE A GOODREADS PAGE! I love GoodReads because it helps me keep track of my books, and who knew that one of the ways I could feel validated as a writer is actually getting a GoodReads page. Ha. Go here to see The Real Score‘s Goodreads page. Navigating is also fun, because I think somewhere there, you’d be taken to my author page, which I know needs some spicing up.
  6. If you’re into Facebook, well, fret not, because I’m there too. (Yes, you can’t and won’t get away from me, haha). Visit this page and click like so I can badger you some more.
  7. 8tracks! I love music, and I love playlists. There is a companion playlist for The Real Score out there. Listen to it here. Also, watch that space, because another one’s coming up this weekend! :)

There, I think I’m just about done? I forgot one link, my Twitter account, but it’s here.

That’s it. I will be coming back to tell you the story of how my covers came to be… hopefully this weekend :)

Cheers! .xx

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