Cover Love: The Real Score

My novella is out!

Yes, I know, you’re tired of hearing this. You’re also tired of reading this on my Twitter and on this blog, but I am not going to stop talking about it. So gear up, because you’re going to read more about it.

Getting this novella out wouldn’t be possible if not for a group of people, and one of these is my cover artist, Aaron. To be honest, the reason why I stalled on getting this novella published was because I don’t have an editor and a cover artist. I wrote The End on TRS by the end of April, but I don’t have any idea where to find those two important people to move the publishing along.

And then bam! I found my editor. Now where to source for a cover artist?

I know of batchmates who draw and are fantastic artists. I follow a Tumblr blog with gorgeous drawings, one that I have contacted before, but I am still coming up empty. And then one day, while reading through my Twitter timeline, I spot a post of a drawing.

And I liked that drawing.

I had my eureka moment, and I contacted Aaron. Lucky for me, he was up for it—it was his first plunge into making covers, so each step was new for both of us.

I emailed him the basic specifications of the cover, and then a “brief” of what the story is about, the characters, and what I envision about the cover. There was some back and forth on the items, especially on the details about the characters, but Aaron asked me on integral question: what are the specific settings in the book for the characters? I gave him two or three, and I was really leaning towards the last one, but he was right in that it spoils the ending if that was the one on the cover.

So I told him to surprise me of his idea for the cover.

Lo and behold, when he sent me the first draft, I was happy we didn’t go for the cover that I was suggesting (see frame #4). After the first pass of comments, he went back to the drawing board (haha, quite literally) to add in the details.

Cover Design Process part 1 blur

Caitlin and Marcus are in the cover now, and then we had to talk text: how do I want the title to be shown? He gave me three options, and after choosing, there was another round of selection for the color of the font. He sent me eleven, but the color that appealed to me wasn’t there. He was happy enough to accept my suggestion for the color, and then there we have it, my lovely cover.

Cover Design Process part 2 blur

We started first with the front cover so I could get the e-book editions out first, and then went back for the back cover. It was easier this time because I already have a sense of what I want based on the front cover. Aaron had the same vision too, so it was all just a matter of fine-tuning the draft and the text on it.

TRS FINAL COMPLETE BOOK COVER (for printing) watermark

Working on the cover with Aaron was a good learning experience, I think, for both of us. It was fun—he gets what I want to happen and challenges what I think of, and is also open to helping me on stuff that I need: headers, bookmarks, etc., and some last minute changes. I do hope he’s still open to working on Gezellig #2 (cross fingers that this would happen), because it was such a pleasure working with him.

Thank you, Aaron! :)

[ While it pains me to defile the art with the watermarks, I had to, so I’m sorry :( ]

.xx, Kesh

P.S. I’m not into all these tools and programs, but I asked Aaron what he used for making the cover. He used Drawing Tablet for PC, Photoshop CS4, and Paint Tool SAI. I’m not going to try to figure out what those are — I only know Photoshop — but I’m glad he has those things for his art ;)

4 thoughts on “Cover Love: The Real Score

  1. I love how everything came together! It really captures the excitement of their relationship, but setting it backstage hints that this was a relationship that unfolded away from the public eye. Great job, Kessica and Aaron! :)

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