The Real Score Blog Tour: THANK YOU and… another Gezellig song teaser?

Hello everyone!

It’s been a great week for my novella, The Real Score because of its blog tour and I had loads of fun! First off, thanks to Dia of Book Junkie Joint for organizing this, and to all the bloggers who participated. Heaps of gratitude as well to all those who joined the raffle giveaway! I’m thinking of coming up with something on my own, so stay tuned!

Below are the stops my book made during its blog tour:

Feeling excited too for the winner of the giveaway! Hope you’re ready for some sugar rush! *wink*

Since I’m in this weird cloud 9 for all the love The Real Score has been getting, here’s another Gezellig song teaser for you all:Book Two, Gezellig


Guess which Gezellig member wrote this? :)

And oh! Watch out for something come December 30. *cough* deleted scene *cough*


Merry Christmas everyone! 

.xx, Kesh

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