Make a wish, take a chance…okay, just a The Real Score Giveaway.

Hello everyone :)

As mentioned before, I was thinking of my own giveaway as a way of saying thank you for all the love that The Real Score (and the rest of Gezellig) has been getting. And I have: I am giving away two (2) paperback copies of The Real Score! Book will be shipped to two winners residing in the Philippines (or at least has a PH address, haha).


But wait, I want to get to know you too :)

One of the main themes in The Real Score is about taking chances, being crazy, and being spontaneous. Soooo… participants need to answer the following question:

If someone gives you this “Golden Ticket” to your grand adventure, what would this adventure be and why? 

To join, head over to this Rafflecopter widget thingie. Giveaway runs from today, January 8, until Wednesday, January 15 :) Answers of the winners will be posted at this blog :)

There. Thanks again for making 2013 a happy year. Looking forward to sharing more stories (both Gezellig and non-Gezellig) with you :)

Best, Kesh

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