About Me.

I am Kesh, an avid reader, lover of music and dance, a fan of basketball and baseball and (as of 2011) rugby, and oh, I forgot—I am a market researcher. I crunch numbers by day, disappear into letters by night.

[Somewhere in all of those things, I’m also a TV junkie.]

Welcome to my world.

11 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Hi Kessica,

    I may be one of your newest fan… I really don’t know how I found your blog (I think by random chance in google) but I can’t stop reading and think i have read all your poems, stories and every little thing that you write in a week or less. I’m kinda addict that way, once I started to read and i like it, I won’t stop until I finish it. I don’t care if I have to go to office without any sleep. :)

    Anyway, I hope you will post new stories and another chapters for “Lines Crossed” and “Teased”. Oh, I am pleading for the part 2 of “No One Will Ever Get Hurt”.

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Maya!

      Am really sorry for seeing this comment just now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT. :)

      I’m in the process of coming up with new things (been having difficulty writing lately, to be honest). Am penning the sequel of No One Will Ever Get Hurt at this moment, and I hope it gets to see the light of day. :)

      Thanks again Maya. :)

  2. hello kessica!! [feeling close lang?!] i’m a FAN. sabi ko nga i started reading last year pa at kung pa’no ko na-discover ang page/blog mo, i don’t know. all i know is after nung first story na nabasa ko, wala na! wala na akong time sa friends ko [joke lang] nung time na i’m reading your stories eh seryoso mode ako noon [ndi ko rin alam kung bakit] basta i would read every night [while my friends are on kwentuhan mode]

    basta you’re magaling!! yun na. looking forward sa next chapters ng ‘TEASE’ [PBB teens?]

    nga pala, i love your name!!!

    • Heyyy I just saw this! Thanks for your support :) Am checking what I can do with Tease—I think I mentioned before that it already has an ending; the middle parts are just missing.

      Keep on reading!

      P.S. I used to hate my name before because people think it’s just a typo error and change it back to Jessica, but I love it now :)

  3. Hi, Kessica!

    I found you via Goodreads as EclecticReaderGirl; thanks for the friend request. You have a cool blog; the fish hook is a nice touch! I’m adding you as a friend on Goodreads and I’m going to follow your blog. Happy blogging and reading!

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