#buqosteamyreads Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway: Old Enemies Make The Best Lovers by Kate Sebastian


Last stop of #buqosteamyreads Sizzling bundle here at Fun to Live the Illusion, and featured today is Kate Sebastian’s Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers. Disclaimer: all books in the #buqosteamyreads package are for 18 years old and above only.

About the Book

Old Enemies Make The Best Lovers

Christy Martinez may have been a nerd and the number one victim for the mean girls in her high school, but she’s since grown up, gone to college, and carved out a successful career for herself. Now in her late 20s, she’s put high school behind her, only to be blindsided by a blast from her past.

She and her friends have planned a much-needed vacation, but she finds out at the last minute that they’ll be joined by uber rich and gorgeous Kyle Quinto. He just happens to be the guy who played a cruel trick on her in high school, breaking her heart and making her a target for bullying in the process.

Can Christy forgive and forget? Because Kyle is a whole lot of hot.

Excerpt Reveal

Christy cursed as she tried to maintain her hold on the bags of groceries she’d bought on the way home while fumbling her key into the lock on her apartment door. Then she heard her mobile ringing from somewhere in the depths of her purse, and that started a whole new round of cussing. Finally getting the door open, she quickly dumped the groceries as well as the laptop and folders she’d brought home from the office on the kitchen counter in order to rummage through her bag for her mobile.

She found the offending device right after the damned thing had stopped ringing, but blew out a breath of mixed frustration and relief when she saw it had just been Tracy, her best friend, who’d been calling. She’d been worried it was the office again, with yet another urgent matter that had to be seen to before she could eat her dinner.

She had pulled out her bluetooth headset and was just about to return the call when her phone buzzed in her hand and started ringing again. “Hey, Trace,” she said, moving to the groceries she’d abandoned in her rush to answer the phone and starting to sort through them and put them away. “What’s up?”

“Christina Marie Martinez, you’d better not still be at work!” her friend mock-scolded over the phone. “It’s almost 9 o’clock! I swear, you need to get yourself into Workaholics Anonymous or something.”

“Relax,” she said. “I just got home. I’m putting some groceries away, then I’m heating up a late dinner.” She cast a guilty look at the stack of paperwork and laptop she’d left by the groceries and decided not to mention that she’d planned on a working dinner that night.

“Girl, this is exactly why you haven’t had a man in, like, forever. You don’t get out of the office enough!”

“It hasn’t been forever,” Christy argued, knowing it might as well have been. In the three years since her last relationship had ended, she’d had two promotions, but lately she’d been relying a little too heavily on her battery-operated boyfriend, a sure sign it was probably time to start dating again.

“Whatever,” Tracy retorted. “If that asshole Mark hadn’t gotten a complex about how you were smarter and more talented than he was and started chasing after the bimbos in his office—”

“Ah, what was it that you’re calling about, Trace?” Christy hastily cut in, knowing her friend would happily go on for half an hour or more on the topic of her ex unless her rants were nipped in the bud. “I’m kind of hungry, and you’re keeping me from my dinner.”

“Oh, right!” There was a pause. “Well, um, it’s about this weekend.”

“What?” Christy groaned. It was a long weekend, and she, Tracy, and Tracy’s boyfriend Victor had been planning to take a trip to Cape Santiago, a beach town they’d first visited together in college and had continued to return to every couple of years. “Don’t tell me you’re flaking on me! I mean, I know I’m going to play third wheel to you and Victor, but I swear, you’ll only have to see me at meal times, and not even then if you want to make a date of it or something.”

“No, no—nothing like that! It’s actually great news! Victor came home with the news that an old college friend of his offered him a stay at a five-star resort. It’s just past Cape Santiago, and when we said we’d be going with a friend, he agreed to book a second room for you in addition to the honeymoon suite—the honeymoon suite!—for Victor and me.”

Christy chewed on her lower lip at her friend’s words. “That’s great, Trace,” she said slowly, heading for the couch and sinking into it. “But I don’t think I can afford a stay in a five-star resort with just a week’s notice.”

“Christy, that’s the thing—we’re getting to stay there for free!” Tracy laughed. “Victor’s friend owns the resort, or his family does, anyway, and he said that the rooms he reserved for us didn’t have bookings scheduled and were unlikely to get any at this late date. I was calling to tell you so we could cancel our reservations for that other resort.”


“What? That’s your disapproving ‘hmm,’ I can tell.”

“What’s the catch, Trace?”

“Why does there have to be a catch?” Tracy hedged.

“Okay, out with it,” Christy said, knowing that tone in her friend’s voice.

“Well,” Tracy said, drawing out the word, “I also called to tell you that Victor’s friend would be there this weekend too.”

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#buqosteamyreads Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway: Finding Mr. Write by Adelaide Penne


Hi! Welcome to another stop of #buqosteamyreads here on my blog. It’s another excerpt reveal, and it’s from someone I know! Again, this comes with a sizzling disclaimer: books under the #buqosteamyreads are for 18 years old and above only. 

About the book

Finding Mr. Write

Finding Mr. Write by Adelaide Penne

Sometimes the best things come from the past…

Marcia Pelaez has it all: the curves, great friends, a successful career, and a loving boyfriend. Or so she thought. After getting dumped by her boyfriend of three years, her best friends set her up with blind dates from hell…until she meets Mystery Guy Number Three.

Clark has finally gotten everything he worked so hard to achieve: money and a successful career. But he has never forgotten the woman who had stolen his heart eleven years ago. And now that he finally has the chance to win back the feisty and independent Marcia, he’s willing to pull out all the stops.

In a battle of wits, and between the sheets, will they both finally triumph and find a love that could last forever?

Excerpt Reveal

“Honey, seriously, you have got to get out of bed. It stinks in here,” Ensyang Kinsitor announced as she walked through the door. Without checking to see if Marcia was awake, she strode to the windows and threw open the curtains, letting the bright mid-morning sun shine onto the four-poster mahogany bed.

“Damn it!” came a scream from the bed, followed by a string of profanities. The rustling of sheets ensued.

Beatrice Hizon came through the door next, carrying a tray laden with hot soup and a glass of water. “You should eat something, Marcia. Yaya Belen said you haven’t eaten anything other than junk food in two days.” She carefully placed the tray on the table beside the bed and yanked the covers off Marcia.

Ensyang and Beatrice eyed their best friend, who was looking far from her usual polished self. Marcia had bloodshot eyes with puffy under-eye circles, her black curly hair all tangled up, and, judging from the smell coming off her, seemed to be wearing unwashed pajamas.

Ensyang made a show of pinching her nose then opened the windows, despite the air conditioning running in the room.

Marcia responded with a dirty finger.

“Finish the soup, drink the water, get out of bed, take a thorough shower, and get pretty,” Beatrice said with a snap of her fingers. “And that is not a request.”

“Mooom, nooo…” was Marcia’s plaintive cry.

Calling Beatrice ‘mom’ was a long-standing joke between them because she had always been the mothering type in their little trio. Since they became friends in high school, the three girls had been inseparable and each other’s life cheerleaders. All three were children of fabulously rich parents, who had been in absentia since they were old enough to walk and talk, something that the three girls had bonded over through their confusing teenage years and into early adulthood.

Their grandparents, who had also been friends, however, had been cautious enough and named their grandchildren the heirs to their family businesses. However, since these businesses were being expertly handled by long-standing and trustworthy employees, Beatrice, Marcia, and Ensyang only needed to drop by their different offices every once in a while.

Beatrice had since gotten married and was doing a good job raising her own kids, but her mothering instincts over Marcia and Ensyang were as strong as ever.

Ensyang grabbed the stool from Marcia’s dresser, pulled it closer to the bed, and sat down. “Look, Marcia. So that good-for-nothing Ulric dumped you. Get over it. What you need is a really good f—”

“We were together for three years!” Marcia cut in. “I can’t just ‘get over it!’” She made angry quotation slashes in the air.

Ensyang sighed. “The only reason you dated him was because it’s been years since you’ve been in a relationship since Cl—”

“Don’t say his name!” Marcia snarled. “He said he loved me. Love! Love means you don’t leave them just because you want to be single!”

“Maybe he had a really good reason, Marcia,” Beatrice said while she patted her friend on the back.

“There’s no excuse for leaving someone you love. He almost broke me, Bei, Eny. You guys know how many times I wanted to kill myself. I couldn’t eat for months. I couldn’t…” Marcia bowed her head, furiously wiping away the sudden tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks. “Ulric came along and made me smile again. I can’t just get over him.”

Ensyang rolled her eyes. “Sheesh, so melodramatic. He was boring, both in and out of bed. He, what, played the bagpipes, or something? Just because he fulfilled your dream of dating a Scottish lad does not mean you can’t find someone new, who can fulfill other fantasies of yours. Other men will be begging for you to play their pipes in no time.”

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#buqosteamyreads Excerpt Reveal + Giveaway: The Best Friend Hook-Up by Suzette de Borja


Welcome to my blog tour stop of the #BuqoSteamyReads Sizzling bundle! A hot disclaimer: all of the books that are part of the #BuqoSteamyReads are for 18 years old and above. :)

About the book

The Best Friend Hook Up

The Best Friend Hook Up by Suzette de Borja

A bridesmaid in distress…

Mara is desperate to find a “hot” date for a beach wedding she has no wish to attend. The groom is her almost-boyfriend and the bride, her hated cousin. Her list of available, eligible men is virtually nonexistent. What is a girl to do?

Enter scorching hot Ian Stapleton, Mara’s best bud and go-to guy, to the rescue. Seeing his best friend in a red bikini for the first time is triggering a lot of reactions in Ian, the non-platonic kind! Does Ian dare take their friendship to a whole new level?

Excerpt Reveal

The Best Friend Hook Up by Suzette de Borja

Mara had one week left to find herself a scorchingly hot date for the wedding. She had only herself to blame for pushing this matter way, way back on her list of priorities. True, it was a problem but Mara was an optimist and she knew cramming was her forte. Didn’t she always deliver during their Grand Rounds presentation? Breezed her way through the quarterly exams with just a few hours worth of review? Managed to juggle and multitask volunteer work for her causes while going through residency and caring for her pet fighting fish Charm? True, changing the water in the fish bowl every other day wasn’t as taxing as walking a dog but since all Mara wanted to do after a grueling 36−hour duty was flop on the bed and sleep like the dead, she gave herself credit for developing her nurturing abilities. Research showed that caring for a pet significantly reduced anxiety and so she got herself a fish. Compared to med school, finding a date would be a walk in the park. Anything she set her mind to, she could accomplish.

Or so she thought, seven days to D−day left and counting, glancing about the lecture hall surreptitiously. The only marginally attractive male in the room was three years younger than her, a sophomore medical student and attached to boot, his girlfriend leaning into him possessively as if all the other single ladies might snatch him away from her. Mara felt the first stirrings of panic but ruthlessly clamped down on it. Get a grip, Mara. You will deliver. You always do.

Furtively, she opened her bag, rummaged blindly inside for her mobile and scrolled through the list of eligible men she had jotted down on her smart phone. Dr. Gonzalez was droning on and on about irrigating blocked Fallopian tubes and his soporific voice had lulled half of his audience to sleep. Mara couldn’t blame the esteemed professor for failing to capture the attention of the class. Medical students were constantly sleep deprived she doubted a pole dancer cavorting on stage or an announcement of a grand shopping sale would wake them up. Or would it?

Mara hated shopping. Well, hate was too strong. She disliked it. She would not go near a shopping mall if there was no need for it. Too crowded. Too many stimuli. Too many choices. If she needed clothes, she asked her childhood friend and neighbor Anna to go with her to lead her directly to what she wanted. The endless selection of tops in different materials, cut, styles, embellishments and colors paralyzed her decision making process.

“You decide,” she would tell Anna when confronted with a choice of two tops. Anna would hand her the sparklier, or the sexier or the bolder colored top and Mara would shake her head and opt for the subdued one. “Really? This is the fashion trend? Korean pop meets Little Mermaid?”

Anna, who was a computer graphic artist, would retort snarkily, “Better than Amish meets old maid.” And it never failed to rile her up. “Just because I don’t go around having casual sex with any available male does not make me a spinster!”

Anna rolled her eyes. “You never have sex, the casual or non- casual type. Period.” And then Mara waited for the inevitable line. “You’re too choosy.” She had heard it on countless occasions, reunions and even from patients who felt it was their duty to hand out unsolicited advice on the state of her nonexistent love life.

Mara’s already stiff spine, thanks in part to all the dancing she did in her meager spare time, stiffened some more. “I beg your pardon,” she huffed. “I am certainly choosy when it comes to inserting a probable disease−ridden appendage into my vagina!”

Anna half chortled, half coughed at Mara’s choice of words. After all these years she still hadn’t quite gotten used to the anatomically precise terms that liberally peppered her friend’s language. Mara’s parents were worse. Both doctors, they had no qualms discussing medical procedures like lancing a boil or repairing a hernia over family dinners and were unmindful that Anna would often be in danger of regurgitating her food. But they were both lovely, kind people and Mara had inherited their no nonsense, call- it−what−it− is attitude. “Oh Mara, you are always good for a laugh!”

“I’d be a laughing stock indeed if I appear at the wedding without a date,” Mara said grimly.

“For God’s sake,” Anna cried exasperatedly, “I don’t even know why you agreed to come to that wedding, let alone agree to be a bridesmaid!”

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The Real Score Blog Tour: THANK YOU and… another Gezellig song teaser?

Hello everyone!

It’s been a great week for my novella, The Real Score because of its blog tour and I had loads of fun! First off, thanks to Dia of Book Junkie Joint for organizing this, and to all the bloggers who participated. Heaps of gratitude as well to all those who joined the raffle giveaway! I’m thinking of coming up with something on my own, so stay tuned!

Below are the stops my book made during its blog tour:

Feeling excited too for the winner of the giveaway! Hope you’re ready for some sugar rush! *wink*

Since I’m in this weird cloud 9 for all the love The Real Score has been getting, here’s another Gezellig song teaser for you all: Continue reading