#TheRealScore turns 1! Book birthday, yay!

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already! My first book, The Real Score, turns one today! *confetti*

To everyone who has bought a copy (or two, or more) of The Real Score, attempted to read it, got a sample, pirated it off someone (I don’t advocate this, but still….), and loved Marcus, Caitlin, and the rest of the Gezellig gang: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY FANGIRL AND AUTHORLY HEART. <3

Now to celebrate the big one year of The Real Score, I have a couple of stuff lined up:


The Real Score is free (yes, free) for a limited time over at Smashwords! Just enter this coupon code: HP72D (not case-sensitive) upon checkout. This’ll last until September 6, 2014.


The final book in the Gezellig series has a title! And it is….. *drum roll* CURTAIN CALL. (My previous working title was How It Ends, which also scared me a bit.) This book goes back to where we started: Marcus and Caitlin. If you’ve read (un)breakable, you probably have an idea or two as to where they stand. Lorin is taking a step back here, but she still has a storyline :)


TEASER!!!! If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I’ve posted teasers of the book three in the past couple of days. And we finally have it here. You can download the pdf here or check it out at my Wattpad page. Just a warning: this is a bit spoilery if you haven’t read the second book, so read at your own risk. You have been warned. Tweet, email, or message me anywhere for ‘feels’ on this teaser. :)


And last but not the least: Filipino Readers’ Choice AwardsThe Real Score, along with a couple of #romanceclass novellas as well as Ms. Mina V. Esguerra’s works, have been nominated under Romance in English! It’s Hunger Games for us, haha, and if you liked The Real Score, really appreciate it if you could drop in a vote for it over here. Voting ends Sept. 10. :)


Whew, that’s it. :) Thanks again, and looking forward to sharing more stories with everyone.

Best xx,


Book Two: #GZLG2unbreakable is out today!

Hello lovelies! xx


Hope you are all safe and dry after wild Glenda!

Anyway, we counted down for thirty days to get to this point, and finally… Gezellig 2 is out!

I never thought I’d get a book out before. I do enjoy writing and all that, but…putting out there, earning from it (no matter how big or small the earnings were), meeting people because of it, was something that a bit like a dream for me. So when I put out The Real Score, I told myself… okay, well, that’s a strange feeling. Strange but nice.

And then Gezellig 2.

Aside from Lie (a story I never got to finish, but whoever’s been there since Lie, the ending’s written already, I just don’t know yet how to get there.), (un)breakable was one of the toughest stories I’ve ever written. Maybe it was because I was going through a lot at the time that I was writing / revising / procrastinating about this, or I was busy, or it was just really tough to write about a love triangle, period.

Or maybe it was because I was scared of that damn sophomore slump.

But it’s here. Somehow we made it through the storm, battered and beat, but we made it.

Gezellig 2 (un)breakable FINAL compressed for webpages

(un)breakable is out now, at Amazon and Smashwords. Still working on getting it everywhere (Buqo, Kobo, etc.), and I will update soon on it. :) [If you’re also waiting for paperback copies… I’m also working out that one.]

Hope you enjoy reading the story. I’m letting it go now. :)


xx., Kesh


P.S. I just have to say this and get it out of the way. For the record, the guy on the cover is not the rugby player who inspired Spence’s character. Initial versions of this cover was strikingly ‘him,’ but I wouldn’t do that (because he knows, as someone made sure he would haha), so we switched it up. :) If he still looks like rugby player who inspired him, like everything else GZLG2-related, I’m letting it go. It’s for you to judge. :D [Personally, he looks like some Hollywood actor to me.]

P.P.S. The ending of GZLG 2. We settle that with a teaser of Book 3 (which already has a working title, FINALLY) on The Real Score’s book birthday on August 30. Watch out for it! :D

The Real Score Giveaway Winners!

The winners for this giveaway have been drawn, and they are: *drumroll*

Luna and Celine! :)


If you recall, I asked a question to everyone who joined. And this was:

If someone gives you this “Golden Ticket” to your grand adventure, what would this adventure be and why? 

As promised, here are their answers:

Luna: (Can I pretty please come with you to Greece?) 

I want to go somewhere far, where I could just think and do some art, have more time to write, and just soak in the beauty of the place. I’m thinking of Savannah, Georgia or Venice, Italy. :)

Celine: (Hers is a fictional universe, but that’s fine!) 

 Is it alright if my adventure is fictional? I’ve always wanted to visit the world of Graceling, a book by Kristin Cashore. I would probably end up annoying Katsa and Prince Po until they allow me to join them in their wonderful adventure as they visit through different kingdoms. That is all! :)

Winners were randomly selected (generated by Rafflecopter) and will be notified via email :)

Thanks again to everyone who joined!



Make a wish, take a chance…okay, just a The Real Score Giveaway.

Hello everyone :)

As mentioned before, I was thinking of my own giveaway as a way of saying thank you for all the love that The Real Score (and the rest of Gezellig) has been getting. And I have: I am giving away two (2) paperback copies of The Real Score! Book will be shipped to two winners residing in the Philippines (or at least has a PH address, haha).


But wait, I want to get to know you too :)

One of the main themes in The Real Score is about taking chances, being crazy, and being spontaneous. Soooo… participants need to answer the following question:

If someone gives you this “Golden Ticket” to your grand adventure, what would this adventure be and why? 

To join, head over to this Rafflecopter widget thingie. Giveaway runs from today, January 8, until Wednesday, January 15 :) Answers of the winners will be posted at this blog :)

There. Thanks again for making 2013 a happy year. Looking forward to sharing more stories (both Gezellig and non-Gezellig) with you :)

Best, Kesh

The Real Score Blog Tour: THANK YOU and… another Gezellig song teaser?

Hello everyone!

It’s been a great week for my novella, The Real Score because of its blog tour and I had loads of fun! First off, thanks to Dia of Book Junkie Joint for organizing this, and to all the bloggers who participated. Heaps of gratitude as well to all those who joined the raffle giveaway! I’m thinking of coming up with something on my own, so stay tuned!

Below are the stops my book made during its blog tour:

Feeling excited too for the winner of the giveaway! Hope you’re ready for some sugar rush! *wink*

Since I’m in this weird cloud 9 for all the love The Real Score has been getting, here’s another Gezellig song teaser for you all: Continue reading

Cover Love: The Real Score

My novella is out!

Yes, I know, you’re tired of hearing this. You’re also tired of reading this on my Twitter and on this blog, but I am not going to stop talking about it. So gear up, because you’re going to read more about it.

Getting this novella out wouldn’t be possible if not for a group of people, and one of these is my cover artist, Aaron. To be honest, the reason why I stalled on getting this novella published was because I don’t have an editor and a cover artist. I wrote The End on TRS by the end of April, but I don’t have any idea where to find those two important people to move the publishing along.

And then bam! I found my editor. Now where to source for a cover artist?

I know of batchmates who draw and are fantastic artists. I follow a Tumblr blog with gorgeous drawings, one that I have contacted before, but I am still coming up empty. And then one day, while reading through my Twitter timeline, I spot a post of a drawing.

And I liked that drawing.

I had my eureka moment, and I contacted Aaron. Lucky for me, he was up for it—it was his first plunge into making covers, so each step was new for both of us.

I emailed him the basic specifications of the cover, and then a “brief” of what the story is about, the characters, and what I envision about the cover. There was some back and forth on the items, especially on the details about the characters, but Aaron asked me on integral question: what are the specific settings in the book for the characters? I gave him two or three, and I was really leaning towards the last one, but he was right in that it spoils the ending if that was the one on the cover.

So I told him to surprise me of his idea for the cover. Continue reading